I think too much because there's just to much to think about.
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It has been a while, a very long while since I’ve posted in Tumblr. Hello world of tumblr, it is the semester break and i have seriously got nothing to do.seriously. 

But i have been thinking about my past connections lately, i wonder how are they doing. Friends in high school, sixth form i wonder how all of you are doing in life. 

Why do we study sociology

Oh tumblr sometimes i pity you for being a source or medium of sad posts and yet we still see the happy emotions that people portray. Whats the significance of us being in this world? how do we relate from one another may it be object or spiritual. *Hands  are shaking right now* as if they know something that i don’t. I’m cold yet the room is warm. Sociology we study about everything, no one in sociology is as important or significant to another. Everyone is just as important and yet sometimes we’re not. It is quite impossible to pin point on what really is sociology, it began from the very power of reasoning or maybe even further before that, from the most littlest things like molecular cells to the wider environment it is just too big and yet sociologist have managed to break it down into different disciplines. Different but they are all interrelated to each other. Sociology is all about reasoning, it may be one object but sociologists would have to find all other elements that proves it as it is. In the end what matters is who do you really convince that the object is what it is, it is the matter of the mind.